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Bank of America believes it is important to remove barriers to racial equality and economic opportunity, which also means focusing on the areas where systemic, long-term gaps have existed and where significant change is required for progress to occur and to be sustained. That is why we invest in partners such as Latino Youth Leadership Conference (LYLC), and support initiatives to increase the number of Latino youths attending post-secondary education and develop leadership skills for our future.  We’ll continue our efforts and our focus on partnerships like LYLC that drive change and address these critical challenges facing our communities as we collectively work to do more and do it more quickly.
Dan Giraldo

Bank of America

The NV Energy Foundation is a proud and long-time supporter of the Latino Youth leadership Conference.  In addition to providing educational access and critical opportunities for Latinx students, the conference prioritizes their development of cultural identity, leadership and community service.  The result is a strong legacy and alumni network making remarkable achievements in our community and beyond.

Tony Sanchez

Executive Vice President, Business Development and External Relations

NV Energy

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The Latin Chamber of Commerce Community Foundation is proud to serve the community by being a flagship sponsor of the Latino Youth Leadership Conference. We know that this conference has served the youth in our community well and has created hope and opportunities for over the past 28 years. We urge others to join us in supporting Nevada's premier Latino Youth organization. 

Dan Tafoya

Latin Chamber of Commerce Community Foundation

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